Sisters Heritage  Farms

Sisters Heritage Farms Kunekune Pigs, Heritage Chickens, Myotonic Goats, Avocados, Citrus and More

Thanks for joining us!

We are sisters, Chrissy and Lisa, from  California. Chrissy is in Northern California on the Mendonoma coast.  Lisa is in Southern California, near the Riverside/San Diego County line. Sisters Heritage farms offers great Kunekune pigs.  We also have great heritage chickens here!
We started this endeavor when trying to find healthy, natural products that we could produce for our families.  From there, we have expanded and want to share our adventures with you!

Chrissy is a loving mother and now grandmother, she also works in her "spare time".    Lisa also teaches college classes, though farming starts and end the days, there are college students and grading in between.

Lisa sells her organically fed, free range (most of the time) eggs, as well as seasonal avocados, citrus (oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits and more), pomegranates, persimmons and other produce throughout Southern California.   Here at Sisters Heritage Farms we love our avocados, oranges, heritage chickens, fainting goats and KuneKune pigs, we want to share them with you!  She also offers shipping if you are interested.  

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We have piglets for sale now!! 

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